Author: Paulo J. S. Bittencourt

Publisher: Habilis Press Editora

Category: History

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Cronus’ Mirrors: the relationship between past and future in the Bolivarian speech (1811-1830), by Paulo J. S. Bittencourt, covers very interesting and relevant subject, making it consistently and with an original proposal. The perception of historical time in the speeches and letters of Simón Bolívar has always pointed to the element of discontinuity between the image of the past and the future, characterized as asymmetric. The thesis in question changes and refines this perception, through a precise analysis of the mentioned documents, revealing the complex relationship between temporalities, underlying the work of Bolívar, consisting in that its unique and important contribution to the latinamericanist debate. Moreover, he does it dialoguing also with the theory of history, more specifically, with the latest discussions about the historical time, taken from the work of Koselleck, Ginzburg, and Benjamin. The study is not only competent including at this particular point, as shows greater ambition than a simple analysis of a document body, to know, the formulation of elements for discussion of broader issues in the ambit of the essential concerns of historians. The bibliography used is ample and comprehensive, involving not only works on the empirical research itself, with sources and comments on Bolívar, as well as works that address the most exact theoretical dimension that refers to the research, both historical temporality in general as the eight hundreds revolutionary processes in particular. Jorge Luís da Silva Grespan Graduate Program in History of USP

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